You just won 300 million in the lottery after taxes, etc....


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Oct 2, 2011
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Pay off all of our bills and the house.

Same for both kids.

Trust funds for the grand kids.

Buy a house in the south of France and use at as a home base for exploring Europe on a long road trip.

Make a donation to St Jude's Children's Hospital.

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Feb 13, 2011
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First off I would go ahead and retire now instead of 12 year from now like I have planned. But I would pick up extra hours and responsibilities at the homeless shelter.

New cars for family members, and other things as needed.


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Jul 28, 2013
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Get my pilots license.

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That's crazy.... That's like buying a Rolls-Royce and driving it yourself....

I would just call Gulfstream and order my own jet.(customized to my liking) Oh.. and hire a couple of qualified pilots.

Also, buy a house in John Travolta's neighborhood where the driveways are connected to runways long enough for jets.

Scratch all that... I'll just move to Hawaii and buy a nice house by the beach with at least 11 guest bedrooms for my family and friends.

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300 million and that's what you come up with, a couple of prostitutes?

you can do that legally for under USD$300 in Vegas or Europe. :)


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Jun 18, 2011
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Pay off my family and *true* friend's bills.

Secure their future, $20 each to my close family, $5 each to the rest. I should still have $150 for...

Order my 2014 Nissan GT-R May-September and 2014 Audi RS5 October-April. Not interested in Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.

Can I buy a Condominium & Season's Pass in Pittsburgh? Steelers FTW!!!

Last and certainly not least...

Buy every Super Phone, Tablet and Apple I want! :)


Jul 19, 2013
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I guess I'm greedy, I'm not giving friends sh!t. I would certainly take care of my immediate family and a few aunts and uncles. ...been eyeing a Porsche Cayman (for this month) and house with a 5 car garage. My kids would never have to work...ever.

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Nov 2, 2012
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First of all I would lie about the total I won - no one wants people to hang around just because you have money.

Secondly I would give a bit to my oldest brother and sister / pay off their home. A trust for my 21 year old brother as his the most likely to blow money (he was/is considering buying a 70k car before buying a house).

Thirdly buy my own investment properties/an apartment nearby uni or home to live in. A cheap new car e.g VW polo or Toyota corolla. I would buy the following investments - gov bonds (safe investment), shares in a range of companies, direct deposit accounts & small companies. I would donate a few rowing boats to my former school where I coach / a small one for myself to train in / one for a few mates whose in Jr worlds.

Fourthly I would continue to finish off degree, by than I would be nearly 22. Try and find a normal job! As I've spoken to many who have retired early and they said golf cannot be played 7 days a week it eventually gets boring. They mainly coach / do a part time jobs though. Also in case some how if money fell through I wouldn't be left unskilled.

Here is the big spender. I would eventually get married or least buy a ring as girls have to say yes. presuming she's not from the internet and eventually children. I would prefer to be engaged at about 25 - presuming I had money and a home so I wouldn't change that. I would as cap the wife's ability to spend... I know money caused problems but if it was my current girlfriend every store would be empty as she can't grasp the concept of saving.

I know there isn't many charity in here. I figured actions speak better than a dollar particularly when you choose a bad charity. Also I would like to set up a revenue steam before to allow future constant donations. One of my big things I would donate yo would be Prosh. I would like to live a well off normal life using more of the savings as I age, thus looking like it's from working and being semi normal because some times money changes people and doesn't always last.

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