You spent $1,500+ on your iPhone, you can't Control your Gadgets? LOL


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Jun 18, 2011
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I love android but it's too bad companies like LG and Samsung for some reason decided IR Blaster was unnecessary. :(

One reason why I love Huawei and picked up the P20 Pro.

I'm on a message chair here at GoodLife Fitness and didn't like what was on so I changed it. The club for some reason won't give members control.

As you can see I got some attention.

Funny enough the member beside me has an iPhone X and I said, what you're $1,500 phone can't change the channels. LOL

Of course, he had no idea about Huawei.

My point is besides taking a shot, is we pay so much and little things like an IR Blaster, 3.5mm Headphone Jack are being taken away.

Ironically, phones are getting bigger so I doubt making room is the reason.


Feb 19, 2018
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My point is besides taking a shot, is we pay so much and little things like an IR Blaster, 3.5mm Headphone Jack are being taken away.

Ironically, phones are getting bigger so I doubt making room is the reason.

It's about removing redundant features. IR blasters have been replaced by BT/WiFI connectivity, in modern devices, which have the benefit of not requiring LOS. 3.5mm Headphone Jacks were replaced by the existence of another port on the device that can provide the same or better functionality, thus negating the need for one port or the other. Since the only thing the 3.5mm port can do is pass audio, and the other provides audio, video, two directional charging, data transfer, etc, etc. the logical choice was to keep the one port that can do everything, rather than the one that can only do one thing - which is also being made further obsolete by the improvements in and wider adoption of BT over recent years.

Does removing redundant features save space? Yes. It also saves money, engineering time, energy, etc. Those resources, including space, can go into other more important and less redundant features that consumers want, etc.


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Jun 22, 2018
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That's funny. I will only own a phone that has an IR blaster. I use it quite often in restaurants, etc.

My buddy has an I phone 7 plus. At the time I had an LG g4 that could do things his 7 plus couldn't. We always cut up about which is better, a droid or Apple. One day at church our pastor asked him to play a song while service was transitioning(he was the sound man). I smiled because I knew he wouldn't be able to do that as he didn't have A headphone jack.

A couple seconds later I hear him calling my name from the sound booth.

"Can you come hook up and play a song?"

"Why can't you?"

"...Because I have an I phone," was his grudging reply.

Moment like that I relish. I never have let him live that down haha.


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Jan 11, 2014
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Honestly I've had the IR Blaster in my Note 10 which I still use, and in my Note 3 which is my home phone. I haven't used the IR in years.

One of the only times I've used an IR on a smart device is when it was on the Gear 2 Neo and I used it in a hotel room while my buddy had the remote.


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Jul 7, 2013
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I use it quite often in restaurants

I don't usually go to restaurants to watch TV, I go to be with people and have conversation with them. If they have a TV in view and there's something on the TV that interests me, all the better if the conversation goes stale. I bet they LOVE when people come in and start messing with what channels are set. Chain places likely have a set display they're allowed to have, with a little leeway, and people like you come in and screw it up. Rarely have I been in a sports bar where the bartender wasn't willing to change one of the TVs to accommodate the request of someone, usually to a game they either didn't have on or one that was on but not in view of someone that wanted to watch it. It's a SIMPLE question to ask.

I never understood the desire to do that, it honestly seems a little selfish (IMO) to use your phone to change the programming in a place like that to something you want to watch, especially if someone else was interested in the programming that was on.

At home I can control my stuff without LoS to my devices, from my phone even (and I have no IR blaster). I actually have several ways I can change the channel at home, that don't involve a remote. I can also do stuff with the smart TV features on my TV without using the remote that came with my TV, there's an app for that.

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