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"Your nexus 5x has been infected with battery virus... is it true????

Ahmed Ali11

New member
Aug 28, 2013
Hey guys.. firstly its my first question asked on yahoo so i really want a genuine answer. So this is regarding my google nexus 5x which i recently purchased from online (souq.com) popular here. it was working fine all there days until yesterday i was visiting a webpage (checking for modded games) and this message suddenly appeared with a time limit of 5 minutes saying that "your nexus 5x has been infected with battery virus" and told me to download the DU virus app. it looked pretty much like a real message with broken google robot picture in the background. So i immediately downloaded the app and ran the virus option and found zero viruses so i thought the problem got over. i was using my mobile until now and i seem to have noticed some fast battery draining thing i guess or is it just my assumption because of the message. Is the battery normally functioning or are there any issues??. the mobile itself has a larger processor that consumes battery... thats my doubt. is the phone really affected or is it just my assumption after the message? then after that i downloaded avira antivirus and still could not find any issues. i went through some websites and it was written its just scam and that the hackers are trying to gain access to your information through making you download something... is it true?? i feel upset and tensed abt it.. plzzz answer fast..


Moderator Team VP
Apr 23, 2011
You shouldn't really download anything from un reliable sources. Personally, I would backup any important data and do a factory data reset and don't install any apps to see if you still have the battery drain issue