ZeroLemon S7 7500mah Battery Case Review


Oct 22, 2016
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So I have been using this ZeroLemon battery case for a few days. The packaging is pretty simple, just a plastic bag with a cardboard box inside, and the case is bubble wrapped. When I first hold it in my hand without, it feels kind of light, but when I put my S7 in, it feels pretty heavy and thick. My friend that saw this case said that it looks like a brick since its thick and square. I definitely won't use this case everyday since it adds a lot of bulk, but if I know I will be gone from home for more than 12 hours, this is definitely very useful. I tried to charge my S7 from 0 to 100 percent. It takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes, which is pretty good since quick charging with the original power brick is around 1.5 hours.

Quickcharge pass through is one of the reason why I got this case, this basically means that when you charge the case with your phone using the original fast charging brick, the phone will do a fast charging while the case is charging at a normal charging speed. The other small things I like about the case is the ruggedness, this ZeroLemon case is much more rugged compared to a normal battery case that have a smaller capacity. The outer part of the case is rubber and this case also has a raised lip for screen drop protection, its no Otterbox defender, but this is rugged enough for me for everyday use.

But of course nothing is perfect, this case has some flaws and one of them is the charging port cover on the side, the cover refuse to close properly after I charge the case. The solution is to open the case and bend the charging cover toward the inside of the case so that it would close properly again. This doesn't seem to really affect me since I wont use this case everyday, but keep this in mind if you plan to purchase this and use it everyday. Additionally, Lastly, the cutout for the buttons is very good, power and volume buttons is very easy to press. So in conclusion, here's the list of pros, cons and neutral stuff about this case. Also, ZeroLemon include 3.5mm headphone jack extension if you use a headphone or earphone that have a big jack connector.

-Super high capacity, after full charging my phone, it still have 1 light on which means I can charge it more than 1 times
-Rugged, this case feels super rugged for a battery case
-Price is affordable, $60 is the price on Amazon during the writing of this review, which is almost half compared to a Mophie or a Samsung wireless charging case which only have around half the capacity
-Include a headphone jack extension

-The case is heavy and thick, which is as expected for a big capacity battery case.

-The charging port cover cannot close properly after charging the case. You need to take apart the case and bend the cover toward the inside of the case to fix it
-Charging time of the case is not the fastest. With quick charge technology in the S7, this case feels slow to charge, it takes around 4-5 hours to fill completely which is fine if you leave it during the night

I attach some of the picture in the post.

You can get the case here (not referral link):

Full disclosure: I receive this product for a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. (


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Aug 2, 2010
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How dose the thickness compare to a Otterbox defender? Also dose through case mess with the camera, and camera plus flash? I've had a Zerolemon on my note 2 and loved it, LG g2 and it messed with the camera, with or without out flash, thinking about ordering one for my S7. Thanks

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