Zoes make me feel stupid


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May 27, 2010
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I am a tech guy and I will say, having the HTC One for about 8 months I still can't grasp the Zoe thing. I have searched this forum for tidbits, looked over the review on this website (which is my go to for Android news), and google'd zoe's for help. I still half way know what the hell I'm doing in creating one. I have created several but it is so unintuitive that I can't figure out how the hell to I made the last one much less make one again. I feel that HTC made a creative app but they didn't deliver on making it user friendly. Perhaps they improved on this with the M8. Can anyone help me with a step by step on how the heck this works or give me a link for a concise walkthrough? Don't give me the one on this website. Already looked at that. Love Phil and the guys but it is not a great step by step guide IMO. Thanks in advance.


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Jun 16, 2013
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Are you talking about Zoe or Video Highlights.
Zoes are the 3'' videos you take. It's not anything difficult. You just turn the mode on and then take the video.
You can then choose what frame you want and use it as a photo.

Video Highlights are the Videos automatically created by the phone using the photos and Zoes you have in one folder/Event. After opening a folder that has photos and Zoes you swipe (go the left) and you can then manually select or de-select the content.
You can also choose the type of Video Highlight (Theme) and also you can define the song and the time interval.

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