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ZTE Blade Z Max - Power Button Not Working. What should I do?

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Hey all, I've been trying to troubleshoot my
ZTE Blade Z Max z982 phone this week.

For a while, the power button has been unresponsive to my presses. I sent it to a local phone shop for a first opinion, and they claimed it's a software issue and would require a hard reset for $20. Their rationale was that the button can still make clicks.

Is this a fair assessment? When I first discovered the unresponsiveness, I figured it was my case. I felt I was correct when it became slightly easier to turn the phone off/on with a little force, then that method fell through.

Recently, the phone completely drained itself, making it a hassle right now to access it. I tried one suggested method of plugging my phone into the computer to boot it up, but it only causes the battery percentage to show.

Furthermore, I would prefer not to hard reset, as there's a few files and accounts that I would like to transfer to a new phone. Is there still a way to access them?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! For the battery issue -- plug it into a wall outlet and let it charge undisturbed for at least 6 hours. Then press and hold Power for about 30 seconds -- does it turn on?

What that phone shop told you about the Power button doesn't quite make sense to me. I can imagine a situation where the Power button no longer works due to hardware issues, but it still makes a click. You might want to try a different shop and see if they concur with the first.

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Jun 10, 2014
Also, it may be worth flood-cleaning the button with alcohol.