ZTE. NUBIA X9180 No Kernel Unable to Flash


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Jul 28, 2018
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I have a ZTE NUBIA 9180 phone which had some peculiar problems.
At the onset it had three files that had virus in its system apps causing crashes. To resolve this I rooted it with Kingroot and removed the YouTube and two other virus infected apps. It already had been flashed with an Android 6 which I know not about.
Desirous of flashing the ROM I downloaded Redbull V5 X9180 custom ROM and ran it with flashify with twrp also installed.
On restart of the rooted device I mistakenly wiped the system, data, internal memory, Delvik cache, data and Android Secure.
The flash continually failed citing unverified ROM.
I need help.
It's e downloaded the turn image and signature files. But can't get them to the root if I place them on the internal memory. My backup after loading successfully there is no change on reboot.
States "no kernel (boot partition is bad". Now you are in fastboot mode.

I have the lineageos 14., Twrp.img, adb reboot bootloader, have a backup in .IMG format but the twrp bootloader only has option for zip so I am stuck and cant restore to it.
What do I do?
How can I load dot IMG files in the twrp. There seems to be no way.
Nintendo to try so tool. I need help with the no kernel problem bad boot partition how do I fix


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Feb 12, 2012
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In fastboot (bootloader) mode, you can boot or install .img files with fastboot. Or flash Lineage according to the instructions here. (If you're on Linux or MacOS, the commands, like fastboot devices have to be ./fastboot devices. (You have to tell it where fastboot is, and ./ means "the current folder".)

If you backed up your data in TWRP, you can restore it (just the data) once you have an OS installed and running.

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