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    I bought this case in a verizon store last week. It is an OEM Verizon case. I think they make this holster combo case for all their phones now, even their iphone. I have an extended battery and use the Seidio Active Extended Case when the extended battery is on, but sometimes I just don't want the bulk and put the stock battery on and this sweet little case keeps the phone nice and slim.
    As you can see it has 2 parts, the phone cover and the holster.
    The phone cover reminds me of the case-mate 'barely there' case because it is very slim, and provides just minimal protection, wouldn't trust it on a drop, just for scratches from day to day use. It has a nice 'cross hatch' design, is a little flexible, and has the same rubbery plastic feel to it like the Seido Innocase. It provides a good grip. Generous openings for all buttons, mic's, micro USB slot, camera,and kickstand. The top and bottom edges of the phone are left "bare", because it's designed to just snap onto the back of the phone. It does stay on very securely, you can't shake it off. Nice tight fit. No felt lining on the inside,which would of been nice. The right and left edges of the case raise up slightly so that you can put the phone face down and the screen won't touch the table surface. The texture of the phone makes it very easy to slip in/out of pockets.
    The holster is designed to hold the phone with the cover on it only. You must put the phone "screen-in" into the holster, does not work with the screen facing out. This is fine for me, because with the holster attached, it now becomes a fully protected phone, even for drops, because the holster edges that 'hug' the back of the phone will help protect the back, and the holster itself, with the clip, will protect the screen. The holster part does have a felt lining, so it's nice to know the screen is resting against a soft surface. The clip rotates 180 degrees, and holds it's grip very securely. I really wish the clip was detachable for when I don't need it, but you can't take it off.The whole combo is also slim enough to just throw into your pocket if you want. There is no clip on the top of the holster holding the phone down, so I recommend always wearing it in the upright position, not sideways. The phone is secure in the holster, put if you bump into something it might pull the phone loose and you'll be sorry.
    Overall I am very pleased with this combo case/holster. You can get it at Amazon for $10, so the price is right, and it's an OEM product, so the quality is nice. I thinks it's also an attractive case.
    If you want minimal bulk, with the added versatility of a holster which will also provide extra protection when you need it, then I recommend it.
    07-11-2011 11:06 PM
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    Until the clip snaps off and your phone falls. Happened to me and a friend of mine. The two pins in the clip of the holster sheer away with regular use, causing it to fail. I do not recommend this combo. See my post in the fascinate forums about this.

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    07-17-2011 01:07 AM
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    I love mine. I have used the one for the droid X and fascinate; never had any problems. It is solid build quality, but it is a little ugly. You can get it on amazon: Amazon.com: Verizon Wireless OEM Shell Holster Combo HTC Thunderbolt: Electronics $8 cant beat that...
    07-17-2011 09:57 AM
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    I bought this because its so slim and I got tired of my silicone covers. I leave the holster on the sun visor in my pickup truck and that's where I put my phone when I drive around.
    07-30-2011 12:09 PM
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    I've been looking for this, but for the extended battery. I haven't found one yet. I know that Seidio has something similar, but it is too expensive.
    07-30-2011 02:21 PM