1. GoldLeader's Avatar
    Does anyone with a Thunderbolt use the Torque automotive performance monitoring and diagnostic tool?
    Which ODB2 Bluetooth adapter are you using, and how is the functionality?

    I've heard that the cheaper adapters are less reliable, and the ones that plug in without a cable can stick out too far and can hit your leg while your entering/exiting, or driving.

    I have a Saturn SC2 (sport coupe 2), and am thinking of getting a Kiwi adapter to use with Torque. The price is a little higher, but it's supposedly reliable and has a long cord, so that the adapter isn't jutting straight down.
    The app recommends Scantool, OBDKey, Kiwi, or ELM adapters.
    07-18-2011 06:57 AM
  2. stearic's Avatar
    It's hard to say if it will bump your leg our not as every car is different. I plan on getting a bluetooth adapter myself, and i've actually looked at the kiwi one as what i'd like to get.
    07-18-2011 03:32 PM
  3. HiPower's Avatar
    I've been looking at the Kiwi adapter too. Keep us updated after you try any of them.
    07-20-2011 03:13 PM