1. srh12's Avatar
    I need an opinion from someone who has this case:

    HTC ThunderBolt™ HTC Thunderbolt High Gloss Silicone Cover for Extended Battery - Black from Verizon Wireless

    My power button is really lousy and hard to push in. Can someone tell me if this case makes the power button easier or harder to press? I really like the case but I gotta know this ahead of time. Gracias
    07-21-2011 10:15 PM
  2. SoDev's Avatar
    Read the reviews. Most say it makes it harder. Sorry.

    The No Lock app will allow you to wake your phone with your volume keys. You can find it on the market.
    07-22-2011 12:18 AM
  3. jmosier's Avatar
    I have it and it definitely makes it harder to depress at first but over time loosens up. Its a good case for 15$. Good Luck.

    Sent from my Bolt
    07-22-2011 08:18 PM
  4. HiPower's Avatar
    I have had this case for a few weeks now. It still feels the same as the day I bought it . Despite this flaw, I like the case and would recommend it.
    07-23-2011 02:10 AM
  5. kxs783kms's Avatar
    My power button is recessed and takes two or three presses to wake it up. So I cut a few small pieces of sticky tape, stacked them on top of each other, stuck it on top of my power button and slapped my case on top of it. Now a very light press wakes my phone up. A good trick if you want to put a case on your phone, plus the case hides the tape on top of the power button.
    07-27-2011 12:53 AM