1. Mike_is_Mike's Avatar
    This puppy will power a Thunderbolt for about 6 months of the HEAVIEST usage!

    Sony intros 200-pound battery to power businesses, government agencies during a blackout -- Engadget

    ......Caring case extra.
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    08-08-2011 05:45 PM
  2. phoenixone's Avatar
    Ladies and Gentlemen....Mike is Mike is,....has finally lost it. LOL!
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    08-08-2011 05:50 PM
  3. Hunter S. Thompson's Avatar
    Just what Ive been looking for! Perfect!
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    08-08-2011 05:52 PM
  4. SoDev's Avatar
    This belongs in accessories...
    08-08-2011 06:01 PM
  5. mclarryjr's Avatar
    This belongs in accessories...
    It'd a little funny but doesn't belong in the Thunderbolt forums since the battery won't fit
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    08-08-2011 06:08 PM