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    I just started a new job with the government and now I can't listen to a radio at my desk. I went out and bought a pair of skull candy earplugs for $20 so I can listen to my phone while it's docked in the desk charger. I never thought I'd want to have an audio part to it because I'd thought that it'd be just as easy to pick the phone up and start talking when someone called.

    Well after two weeks of having to undock my phone and pull the headphones out and then having to set it back up, I decided I may want something else. I saw that skull candy did have a pair of headphones that had an speaker in the cord and controls for music, but it was made specifically for iPOD.

    I'm looking for....

    1) decent quality (I do not need state of the art sound and I'm not willing to pay a ton for it)
    2) Audio so I can talk when I receive calls

    and not necessary, but is it even possible to have controls through the audio jack? Or does that have to be via the USB (which isn't possible because it's charging on Sedio's desktop cradle while I listen).

    Any suggestions? Thank you.
    09-17-2011 03:28 PM
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    The Bose mie2 headphones that Verizon sells are very good but very expensive ($130, but you can find them cheaper). They are light-weight buds (not noise isolating) but they do stay in your ears well because of the extra soft plastic pieces. It only has one control for answering (hanging up) the phone, but with an app called Headset Button Controller you can program it to also move forwards and backwards through tracks. Along with the stock equalizer, these headphones sound very good. They are good for also being able to hear something else in your environment but not the loudest because they are not noise isolating. If you need something louder, check out some of the over-ear headphones that are noise-isolating, eg, Beats by Dr. Dre (some models are not as bass heavy) or noise-cancelling. The Bose headphones will seem cheap compared to some of these.

    Thanks, Robrecht
    09-18-2011 09:27 AM