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    trying to decide between the incipio edge case and the silicrylic case for my tblot.

    no where around me sells them so I cant go see them. If I could I wouldnt need to post.

    so any input on either one?
    10-24-2011 06:29 PM
  2. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    I'm using the silicrylic... white and grey. Also have the all black one. By far my all time favorite case... only wish I found out about these cases sooner.

    Here's what I like... first off, its a great looking case. Its also pretty light... doesn't add too much bulk. Its not glossy so you don't have to worry about that greasy fingerprint look that shows up on most cases. The volume and power buttons are easy to press. I had the popcase before this one and it was impossible to press the power button.
    One thing to keep in mind about this case which some people may not like... its two layers so its not the easiest case to take on and off. To get the silicone case to fit nicely into the acrylic case and have it look good takes some time. You have to kind of work it around so it sits nicely in place. If you're the type of person who constantly changes batteries or takes the cover on and off a lot... this can get annoying. For me, I don't have that problem. I don't swap batteries and the case is never removed... unless its an absolute must.

    As for the edge case. I never used or seen it in person before but I don't really like the look of how both halves meet in the middle of the phone and leave a gap/seam. Its supposedly very easy to take on and off though.

    I spent a lot of time deciding between those two cases as well. I went with the silicrylic and couldn't be happier. I'm using that case from now on for every phone I own in the future.

    I also have the Incipio Feather case on my Tablet. They don't make it for the Thunderbolt though. Its not too bad. Its nice and light but not the most protective case there is. There's barely a lip on it to rest the screen face down.
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    10-24-2011 08:44 PM
  3. Randomhero180's Avatar
    Thanks, really helpful info. I was actually looking at the case-mate cases too so I am glad you mentioned that. I will definitely be making a purchase at some point today.
    10-25-2011 08:32 AM
  4. TGuy's Avatar
    Does anyone know if the Incipio Silicrylic Case will fit any of the Seidio holsters?

    I have been looking at the Incipio silicrylic case but sometimes really need a holster....i actually sold my otterbox case for the thunderbolt because it was just a little too bulky but it looks as if the Silicrylic is just what i need
    01-18-2012 09:23 AM