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    First some background.

    I consider myself to be a 'heavy' user. I use my phone for work email (Touchdown), personal email (4 different accounts), work pages (sent via text msg, I get ~200 pages per day). It seems like I'm always checking the news, weather, stocks, or just surfing. I'm on 4G, and I take full advantage of it.

    I picked up my TB back in June. I knew the battery life was gonna suck...and it did. I was a slave to a 110v outlet, or a car charger. If left unplugged from waking up, I'd be nearly dead by 1pm. Seems like I was always charging this thing just to keep it alive.

    So I finally pulled the trigger on a 3200mah Seidio battery. I've been using it for about a week now. And I cannot overstate just how happy I am with this thing. I've been running the battery down to completely dead for the first few cycles. My daily routine is to run it dead as soon as I get home around 6pm (Battery Drainer App). Then plug it in and let it fully charge. Around 9pm, I'll take it off the charger and leave it on the night stand. I wake up, take it to work (streaming Pandora or Slacker for the drive to/from work), do all of my daily stuff (more Pandora in the daily routine), come home and I'm usually down to about 20%. I no longer worry AT ALL about running the battery down during the day. It's such a liberating feeling.

    Yes, my phone does look like it has a backpack on it now. But for me, I GLADLY accept that as a small price to pay for a 'normal' battery life. In fact, I've gotten to really enjoy the extra appendage. It feels better in my hand. But that's just me...I know there are people who will very much dislike having the extra bulge.

    Anyway, just my $.02. I am truly satisfied with the $43 I spent on Amazon.
    11-11-2011 10:50 PM
  2. dragonsamus's Avatar
    I did the same but got the HTC 2750 and love the Thunderbolt way more since I can use it all day now. :-)
    11-12-2011 01:57 PM
  3. sloan31's Avatar
    I just got the Seido 3200 a few days ago and love it as well. I did the whole charge full and wipe stats then drain battery. I actually tried to just drain the battery through my normal day use and went through 2 full days and still had 30% battery left. Eventually I just left it streaming Netflix to kill the battery faster...didn't know about the battery drain app until now
    01-04-2012 09:15 PM