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    I've read a few threads on car chargers, but they didn't totally answer my questions.

    I would like to charge my Thunderbolt as well as a BlueTooth earpiece and potentially other USB chargeable devices like an iPod Touch, etc. There are several different USB car chargers available on Amazon and elsewhere, but so many have either bad reviews or problems.

    Can you go wrong with a bad charger, damaging either the phone or potentially electronics/fuse in the car?

    Is there anyway to tell what types of other devices (iPod, blue tooth earpiece) will work on the charger (other than what the manufacturer says will work)?

    The HTC car charger puts out 1000 mA for their two USB plug version - does that mean 500 mA per plug or is that 1 A per plug? They are a bit more expensive than other chargers - is it because they put out more Amps?
    03-21-2011 10:50 PM
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    I just got a HTC car charger with an extra usb in it from Target today. 25$ lifetime warranty, its worked good all day

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    03-21-2011 11:51 PM
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    the way i read the ad for the dual usb HTC car charger is that it has total 2amp output or 1amp for each usb socket. my question is, people say car usb chargers are wired so that the tbolt will only draw 500mA. is the HTC charger wired so that the tbolt can utilize the full 1000mA?
    03-22-2011 11:56 AM
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    I'm using a Moto rapid charger from Amazon. Its got a big blue led...very happy with it.

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    03-23-2011 12:56 AM
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    I just purchased the Rocketfish Premium Micro USB car charger from Bestbuy. Its a GREAT charger for the cost $25. It has a 2-amp output capability and an open USB port for another device.

    I read up from one of the EVO forums about problems with certain 1-amp car chargers not really providing adequate charging for the EVO, hence our thunderbolts while using apps such as 'navigation'. Using the app 'Current Widget' i was able to see that with my old charger i was only getting about 0.3 to 0.45 amps charging even with the phone on sleep. The phone also said "Charging (USB) in the Settings>About PHone> Battery Tab.

    After getting the rocket fish charger, the menu now states (Charging (AC)) and with the Current widget shows a max of 858mA (0.85A) current draw while charging in the car. It charges just as fast as my wall socket, no joke!
    03-23-2011 01:19 AM
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    ...Moto rapid charger from Amazon...
    Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger
    $5.68 + shipping

    03-23-2011 02:08 AM
  7. Dfresh's Avatar
    Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger
    $5.68 + shipping

    How does your phone recognize this charger when your phone plugged in does it say ac or usb when this charger plugged into your phone?

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    03-23-2011 01:17 PM
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    It doesn't say anything.

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    03-23-2011 05:55 PM
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    I am using the same one I used for the incredible.
    03-23-2011 06:19 PM
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    03-25-2011 04:07 PM
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    Any luck with any of these chargers? Please respond if it works properly.
    03-31-2011 08:47 PM
  12. steve0617's Avatar
    Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger
    $5.68 + shipping
    I bought this one too here on AC. paid three times as much as Amazon but it does work well.
    04-01-2011 09:41 AM