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    This case is, to put it mildly, a beast.

    Even the Surface by itself is pretty chunky because the battery bulge extends farther down than it has to, and incorporates its own kickstand.

    Contrary to what Seidio said, it does keep the phone up in a vertical position just fine. Surprisingly, the sound also isn't terribly muted compared to caseless, but it is, of course, much quieter than with the stock kickstand open. This might be because the empty space back there acts as a resonating chamber.

    Also, because the Surface isn't a two-piece, it just slips on and stays put due to friction and tension. It doesn't feel like it would stay on after a fall.

    With all the parts on, the phone becomes a humongous brick, unlike what happens with an Otterbox Defender -- those add heft and thickness, but not sheer bulk. Not sure when I would really use it, since it's not nearly splashproof.

    If the Let's Talk case were in stock, I might consider using that one instead.

    Anyhow, just thought I'd put in my two cents.
    06-02-2011 10:11 AM
  2. lapeter's Avatar
    I have the Let's Talk $16 case. It would not seem to protect tina fall. I think it is more to protect from scratches. I have the Seidio active on the way and will decide which on to use.
    06-02-2011 12:04 PM
  3. RetiredJedi's Avatar
    Ok folks, I have to say that I do really really like this case. I agree that it adds some bulk but for me and my wife that's not a bad thing. I listened to my music and the rear speaker doesn't sound muffled at all. My phone feels very protected!!!! I just don't like the integrated kickstand on it because with all the ruggedness of this case that kickstand feels kinda cheap. Like I said I really really like this case I just don't love it and that's mostly due to the kickstand. The beltclip is nice and even gives you the ability to lock the top of it so the spring latch that holds it in the clip doesn't accidentally open. It's very easy to install and all of the port covers seal up real nice. Here are some pictures that I took of my wife's TBolt using my TBolt camera. I hope they help. I would recommend this case but also keep in mind I have never used anything like an Otterbox or any of those other types with kind of protection to be able to compare it to.
    06-02-2011 12:59 PM
  4. rob90262's Avatar
    I have the surface one and it pretty good the sound isn't muffled and seido cases and have always protected my phone's pretty good
    06-02-2011 02:02 PM
  5. Rick-o's Avatar
    The Seidio Convert case arrived today for my HTC Thunderbolt with extended battery. I agree with all the points already made. It is Huge, a real
    hand full and probably not something you are going to be slipping in and out of your pocket. In my work, large and rugged is not necessarily a bad
    thing. I use a TDS Recon data collector (basically a Hewlett-Packard PDA) with a Topcon total station. The new Convert case reminds me of the
    rugged Recon case with it's size and heft. I've dropped the data collector numerous times without damage and I think my Convert will protect the TB
    just as well. I wear gloves for winter work and thin, slick cell phones are hard to hold. This case should help with that.

    Although large, the three layers of protection are easy to remove to get at the phone's battery. This is NOT the case with an Otterbox Defender. The
    components seem to be well made (except the kickstand, more on that later) and the belt clip on the Convert holster will accommodate a 2 3/8"
    wide, 3/16" thick belt. The belt clip on the second holster that was included in the Value Pack for use with just the Surface isn't nearly as large and
    handles about a 1 1/2" wide x 1/8" thick belt. You might not consider the clip size until you find it will only clip to 'dress' belts, not 'working' belts.

    The only two negatives I have are the flimsy, soon-to-be-broken kickstand and the latch that holds the phone in the holster. It seems incredible to me
    that something so rugged as the Convert would have such a dinky kickstand. It's plastic. The detents that hold the stand closed or in position once
    extended make a high-pitched *crack* when they engage or disengage, making me think I've already broken it each time I use it. It may be stronger
    than it seems here on day 1. I find that I use the kickstand a lot since I use the Amazon Kindle app to read books.
    Holster Clip: I wear the holster in the horizontal position which puts the retaining clip at one end of the holster. I feel the clip just doesn't have a stiff
    enough spring. You can't pull the phone out when its latched so its not going to just fall out. But brushing up against something easily pushes the clip
    open. The clip has a lock to keep it from releasing and I imagine I will be using it almost every time I holster/unholster the phone. We'll see how
    long the mechanism lasts with that much use.

    I ordered the Seidio "value pack" which has a second holster to use when you have just the Surface on the phone, and also includes a pack of screen
    protectors. I have the OtterBox Defender case for the phone when it is using a standard battery. (BTW, I've read OtterBox does NOT intend to make
    a case for a TB with the extended battery, that may change) I've put the Convert and the Defender on a table and compared them side-by-side. The
    Seidia Convert is only 3/16" thicker than the Defender and is just slightly smaller in both length and width. Both of them are bricks, nonetheless.

    Ok, so I've said my piece on the new cases. I'll see how well they hold up over time and report back.

    P.S. Additional *small* CON: The rubber flap that protects the camera and flash. The 'exoskeleton' has a little slot to push a tab on the flap into to keep the flap open and out of the way of the camera. The flap requires a bit of tinkering to get the tab in the hole and to get it to stay there. Not very handy for one hand operation or quick, spur-of-the-moment snapshots. Since the case is not waterproof, I may snip the flap off. I use the Flashlight app at night a lot. Again, having to screw with the flap....... We'll see.
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    06-02-2011 04:07 PM