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    First - thank you to this great site and to all who contribute. I have been lurking here since the TB was announced(sorry) but never had anything to say that wasn't already covered in a thread. I finally rooted when fed-up with the reboots and GPS issues - and I am in love with the TB all over again. This ROM is awesome!

    I have scoured the forums looking for others with recent issues with Wifi Tether, TBolts, and BAMF Sense 3.0 GB RC4.

    My recent issue is with Wifi Tether 3.1Beta. I can not get any devices to connect, or get beyond "obtaining IP Address." Here is what I have tried so far:

    Routing fix enabled within program
    Flashed old wifi fix
    Shut off home router
    Installed various versions of wifi tether (2.07, 2.08, 1.something) - none work.
    Tried Barnacle and another wifi tether program - still no luck.
    Tried connecting two different home laptops and my wifi xoom - no luck.
    Started on MR2 radio. Flashed MR2.5. Still no luck.
    Tried with and without encryption
    Tried different device profiles, setup methods, and channels - no luck.

    Also, I tried uninstalling the program, but it messed up the phone. Only the notification bar appeared after uninstalling - no icons. Phone would ring but I couldn't answer. Reset/Battery Pull didn't work, so I reflashed the ROM and all went back to normal. Same thing happened again when I tried uninstalling. Old versions uninstalled fine.

    Any advice? Thanks to all in advance.
    07-07-2011 02:42 PM
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    Try a different kernel, might work. Wipe cache and dalvik in cwm, and flash a leankernel by imoseyon or a dreamkernel by zeronehl.
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    07-07-2011 03:21 PM
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    Tried both. Verified clean install both times. Still same problem. Any other ideas?
    07-07-2011 04:29 PM
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    Update - was able to get wireless tether 2.08 to work on leankernel - not blazing fast (only 3g here) but working. Don't know why the newer versions of wifi-tether don't work. Thanks for your help!
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    07-07-2011 04:51 PM