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    Hello everyone!! I have done plenty of reading on rooting and such and I am left with a few questions. I am coming from a completely stock, launch day Thunderbolt. I used the Free HotSpot like mad until they took it away and now I miss it. I also hate all of the unnecessary bloatware that is loaded onto the tbolt and I hate how all the apps restart automatically and eat up valuable memory. I have never rooted an Android device before but I do consider myself technically knowledgeable enough to do so, so here are my questions:

    First, my goals after rooting:
    A) Wireless Tether
    B) De Bloated
    C) Over Clocking
    D) Keep the OS as close to stock as possible as I thoroughly enjoy the current interface with sense 2.0 and Froyo. After looking around though, I do like the GB 2.3.4 with Sense 3.0 but again, I like my OS to be very stock appearing and I want the phone as a whole to simply perform better.

    Second, my questions:
    1) Which root method should I go with based on my goals? The one Click or straight, line by line ADB?
    2) Is it possible to basically run a debloated with wireless tether overclocked stock OS after rooting?
    3) Does rooting wipe all of the data on the SD card as well as the phone? I have 1,000 or so pictures and videos that I don't want to lose from the SD card however, I do have all of them backed up on my computer.

    I sincerely appreciate and advice or answers to my stuff here and I hope that rooting will get me to where I want to be with the phone. Thank You!!
    07-18-2011 08:42 AM
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    Many more than just two questions in this.

    Top section I think you should check out [FAQ] Should I Root My Thunderbolt?

    Second section... 1) totally up to you... it doesn't really matter since they both do the job. 2) I'm sure you could if you want to. 3) Your SD card is safe... it does not delete any information on your SD card.
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    07-18-2011 09:54 AM