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    so i decided to go through my phone using Root Explorer (having lots of time at work today)
    and i found some stuff in my:
    "/data/system/dropbox" folder that kind of worries me.

    *i'm seeing about 75 text files, all named "dumpsys%3account@########" (the #'s are all different for each file)
    --inside each one (showing different content) is 5 lines of text showing things like,
    "com.facebook.auth.login,1" and "com.htc.socialnetwork.facebook,1" and other types of apps or services on my phone.
    ___the fact that it says "dumpsys" makes me think it's storing information that's unimportant.

    *i'm seeing about 150 text tiles, all named "event_data@########" (all the #'s are different for each file)
    --inside each one is 2 lines of text showing "start=###############" and "end=#############"

    *i'm seeing about 10 text files, all named, "system_app_wtf@##########.txt"
    --inside each one,the package accessed is "com.android.vending" (which is the market) and each text file contains at least 2-4 apps names that i've downloaded in the past 2 weeks. and then lower it shows "Persistent Package Monitor Receiver"--which i'm guessing means it will constantly check this package (android market) so. it looks like the app is data mining what i'm downloading in the market & storing it in dropbox files.

    **i'm seeing several files named "SYSTEM_BOOT@########.txt" which all show the
    --hardware, bootloader, radio, kernel, and build

    any of this seem any bit suspicious to people? or am i just looking too much into these files?
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    10-28-2011 02:17 PM
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    Sounds like little.BIG brother is watching you close.

    Using my commadore 64 on dial up ISDN
    10-29-2011 09:14 AM
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    Wow, I don't like that. I just downloaded dropbox, but haven't set it up yet. I would like to know what this is all about before I set it up. Does anyone know if this app is actually a big data miner? Or if there are ways to turn these processes off?
    10-31-2011 08:44 AM
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    this is a really old thread but since it didnt go anywhere and for the sake of anyone who might happen to be searching for this topic, I'll add my input. This is related to googles checkin sevice which is part of when your device registers for GCM (google cloud messaging) I stumbled on this thread because I havnt found a deifinitive way to stop it other than taking ownership (permissions) and denying the system access to this folder. The problem is that this causes system logs to throw a shizload of exceptions, which I feel is as much or more of a damper on system performance as intrusive and unyielding background logging activity. You can definitely save a lot of space by doing this and in theory, you can also disable system logs, but thats not really a good thing especially for people who modify their system. If something is wonky, there is no way to find out whats causing it. Some roms I've used have had an entry in the settings.db to disable dropbox but it seems not to really affect anything. This has nothing to do with Dropbox cloud storage or its apps. Anyway, if this bump happens to get anyones attention that might know how to actually disable this uselessness, please share.

    update: lately, I've been using an app called Macrodroid to automate several things and decided to set up a recurring action that deletes all the files in that directory. Its the only solution Ive found that seems reasonable. I wasnt sure how it would affect the performance of my device, because lag makes me crazy, but it seems very good compared to making it a RO folder which Android doesnt seem to like. anyways, I was messing around with this again and saw this in my search results, so I figured I'd report back. funny that not many other people are annoyed by this shtuff constantly being uploaded
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    11-28-2015 05:04 PM

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