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    Hello All,

    With Help from the great people here at AC, I finally took the plunge and rooted my Thunderbolt. Being a noob and not wanting to screw up my phone, I used Revolution. It was extremely easy to do, but a little nerve racking at the same time. As for my question, how to I get all of my contacts to move over to a new ROM? I have titanium backup and also ROM Manager. With revolution, you don't lose any info. When I Flashed to BAMF Forever, I lost my contacts. Any help would be great. I don't really feel like typing them all in again if I don't have to.
    11-04-2011 07:46 AM
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    Best and easiest way... use Google... Gmail is the best place to store all your contacts... flash a new ROM, log in, all your contacts are there... every time!!!

    And why aren't you posting this in the ROM forum???
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    11-04-2011 08:12 AM
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    Generally, if your contacts are saved as Phone-Only when you create them, you're pretty much f'd every time you wipe. The reason that you didn't lose them when you rooted with what I'm assuming is the Revolutionary Method - and not some rom named Revolution - is because you didn't wipe the system or install a new rom. You merely (albeit, automatically) used an exploit to modify your existing rom to get S-OFF, a custom recovery and inject su/su.apk into the system.

    When you changed roms you wiped said system and installed a new one. If I format your hard drive on your computer and install a brand new version or windows/linux/whatever, you're probably not going to ask why the pictures of your dog aren't on your desktop. Same thing happens here; every time you change roms, you're (hopefully) wiping the data and putting something new in its place.

    When you create them, create them tied to your google account and they'll all restore whenever you wipe and flash a new rom. Realistically, the easiest way is to just go to contacts.google.com and type them all in there from a computer. It'll sync and you'll be all the happier for it.

    You might be able to use HTC Sync to get them all into Outlook, export them to a file and import that file to contacts.google.com, but I'm on AOSP and thus don't use HTC Sync I wouldn't be an authority on this.

    Good luck!

    Sidebar: This isn't a question about rooting. This is a question about syncing contacts.
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    11-04-2011 08:15 AM
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    Yes, I did use the revolution method and as I said I am new to this. Thanks for the tips, I will give that a try. Sorry about placing my question in the wrong forum. Wasn't sure were to put it.
    11-04-2011 08:36 AM
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    you can also save contacts to sd card and then just import them after you flash.
    11-04-2011 01:41 PM