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    Bear with me.

    Dropped my HTC Thunderbolt about a month ago, and now from time to time, my screen jumps, shakes, and freezes. I assume it's caused by impact damage. I have the full insurance on it and want to unroot and restore to like new so I can take it back.

    This is my phone's software specs...


    HTC Sense version

    Software Number


    Kernel version
    chaos@bamf-dev #1
    Fri Nov 11 21:20:54 MST 2011

    Baseband version,

    Build number

    Browser version

    I have the phone completely backed up, and I want to proceed, but I'm not sure EXACTLY what steps to take. I'm not around here enough to know the lingo, but I can follow directions.

    What directions do I follow to unroot and to return my phone to factory default? Just point me in the right direction.

    02-27-2012 07:10 PM
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    02-27-2012 07:35 PM
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    Thanks. I'll give that a look.
    02-27-2012 07:42 PM
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    Latest software is 2.11.605.9 but I couldn't find any working links.
    02-27-2012 07:48 PM
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    When I get to the "fastboot devices" command, nothing happens. It's suppose to show my phone serial number?
    02-27-2012 08:10 PM
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    Latest software is 2.11.605.9 but I couldn't find any working links.
    Once I return the phone to stock, won't the OTA updates take care of that?
    02-27-2012 08:12 PM
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    Found this on xda forum...

    Originally Posted by CaptainStrange View Post

    I was already on 2.11.605.5 with root and S-OFF (revolutionary). Perhaps you can try one of the earlier releases such as MR2? This is what you do to get root with 2.11.605.9 if you can get your phone back to 2.11.605.5 or older:

    1. Reinstall 2.11.605.5 stock (no root). I got the file from Android Police. I had to rename the file as PG05IMG.zip and run it from the bootloader.

    2. Obtain S-OFF with Revolutionary after 2.11.605.5 has installed. Do not install clockworkmod or super user yet.

    3. Allow the 2.11.605.9 OTA to be installed. Let the phone do it's thing, the update took my phone awhile.

    4. Install Clockwork Recovery (again rename it as PG05IMG.zip and run it from the bootloader)

    5. Boot into bootloader again and select Recovery. Install superuser.

    6. Reboot and enjoy.
    02-27-2012 08:18 PM
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    If you rooted with revolutionary, you need to do the adb way. If you rooted the old-fashioned way, you can just flash an RUU.
    02-27-2012 11:12 PM