1. surf4u2's Avatar
    I rooted my phone yesterday with the all in one tool with no problems. My phone worked fine all day yesterday and this morning, but randomly today it had a picture of a SIM card with a red "X" and it says "PUK code is locked" and below it says "Please contact Customer Care"locked on the lock screen. I have no data/phone service either. If I restart my phone it goes away for a while, but randomly comes back. I found how to find your puk pin and code, but I do not know where to enter it on my phone?? It seems like all the searching online ive done, this usually happens when you enter your pin wrong. But I never even attempted to try this or go anywhere near a pin or do anything with the sim card.
    I thought restoring to my very first nandroid backup (right after I first rooted) would fix it, but that didn't change anything, It still happens randomly.
    Also I have not flashed any roms, kernels, or radios.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    10-07-2012 10:54 PM
  2. mightyfacundo's Avatar
    Check this out: http://forums.androidcentral.com/sho....php?p=1802333

    Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Android Central Forums
    10-07-2012 11:11 PM
  3. surf4u2's Avatar
    Thank you. I found this one earlier; however I still do not understand where to put in the pun code??
    thanks again
    10-07-2012 11:25 PM
  4. CreativTech's Avatar
    I had this happen with mine after Titanium crashed mid-backup on me one day. I was able to get it back to normal by powering down and popping the SIM card for a few seconds (battery too, obviously). After I put it all back together, everything was normal again.
    10-08-2012 01:46 PM
  5. surf4u2's Avatar
    Yeah Ive been trying that over and over haha. I think I might just flash a rom and see if that fixes anything.
    10-08-2012 09:46 PM

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