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    After charging my Thunderbolt for an hour or so, I unplugged it and the power saver warning flashed that my phone was less than 15%. I had to go so i shut it off so it wouldn't be completely dead. Now i cant get it to turn back on. When i use a charger, the indicator light while flash orange for a while and then nothing. I've taken the battery out several times and ive tried different batteries and chargers. Still nothing happens. I would like some help from anyone if possible...
    11-26-2012 11:42 PM
  2. mightyfacundo's Avatar
    I think your best bet is to contact Verizon and tell them your phone won't turn on. Ask them nicely to help you out with a replacement. Other people have also had this issue and Big Red sent them a clnr.

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    11-27-2012 10:09 AM

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