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    Important to note: I have not reconnected with Verizon yet, as I want to make sure the phone is setup and will work first.

    Rooted my Thunderbolt when it first came out and ended up running one of the BAMF versions. During my upgrade to another phone, I did a factory data reset on the phone, as I was preparing to trade the phone in. Decided to keep, and now wanting to pass on to daughter. Hasn't been used in several months. Phone is still rooted, but I must have done something, because I can no longer get to the screen that tells me "S-Off" or "S-On".
    Will I be okay just to run on version 2.3.4, or should I try to update to a more current version?
    Or should I get back to a "non-rooted" status and do a software update.
    And if updating as a rooted phone, how do I do that without knowing the "S" status, or does it matter?

    Following is what is currently running:
    Android version 2.3.4
    HTC Sense 3.0
    Software # 2.11.605.3
    Build number BAMF-FOREVER

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    09-20-2013 08:34 AM
  2. Shadow Death's Avatar
    Santod has a bunch of official ota based ICS Roms on infected rom.

    To see if it is still S-Off turn the phone off and hold the volume down + power button until the screen turns white with text.

    Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk 4
    09-28-2013 07:48 PM

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