1. Adrynalyne's Avatar
    Judba on IRC and I have been looking at this for a while, and its been stumping us because the key mappings are already set for it to wake the phone from sleep.

    As you know, only the power button currently wakes the device.

    This patch will enable the wake on volume function.

    Credit jcase, rhcp, and myself.

    jcase and rhcp figured out the modification needed, I decompiled and recompiled.

    Use this at your own risk. Only tested with BAMF roms.

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    04-22-2011 01:25 PM
  2. SoDev's Avatar
    Cool. How do I install this? Name it PG05IMG.zip then hboot? Yes, irnoob.
    04-22-2011 01:44 PM
  3. Adrynalyne's Avatar

    Via cwr.

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    04-22-2011 01:48 PM
  4. SoDev's Avatar
    ty sir. *bows down*
    04-22-2011 01:51 PM
  5. sicario666's Avatar
    Excellent addition. Thanks for sharing the wealth

    Gtab meatclaws-talkatap
    04-22-2011 02:08 PM
  6. SoDev's Avatar
    I was getting ready to install this and just realized that the app No Lock does this already if you have locking disabled. Thanks anyway though!
    04-22-2011 02:49 PM
  7. nate44's Avatar
    Works like a charm. Now my power button can get a rest.
    04-22-2011 07:32 PM
  8. DJBeanPole's Avatar
    I don't mind the power button myself...
    04-22-2011 07:35 PM
  9. morbidz's Avatar
    works perfectly!
    04-22-2011 08:09 PM
  10. djxman999's Avatar
    Works great but since I've installed it my phone has rebooted 3 times in the past 2 days. This is the only thing I've done to my tb in that time. Is there anyway to revert back...delete the patch?

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    04-24-2011 09:23 AM
  11. Adrynalyne's Avatar
    its not this mod. promise.
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    04-24-2011 03:58 PM
  12. djxman999's Avatar
    Ok cool. Prob something I did before...thanks. and thanks for all your hard work!

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    04-24-2011 05:25 PM
  13. SoDev's Avatar
    Just to put your mind even more at ease, I had random reboots on my stock phone. Two in 1 day once, and others have also. Just saying, it doesn't have to be because you installed something. Sometimes it's just a coincidence.
    04-25-2011 09:09 AM
  14. tuathalcj's Avatar
    Agreed, the Mod works Great, brew purchased and I get FAR less reboots with DAS BAMF then I did with stock...
    Thanks again Adrynalyne
    04-25-2011 11:41 AM
  15. marcusjpitts#AC's Avatar

    Via cwr.

    i'm fairly new to the root/flash etc.. what exactly is cwr?
    04-27-2011 11:29 AM