1. hollinger1's Avatar
    Lookin to pick up a new smartwatch and, if I remember correctly, Samsung Tizen OS loses a bit of functionality when paired with non Samsung phones, I have a oneplus 6t.

    So far, I'm totally torn between the ticwatch pro 3 and the fossil gen 5.

    Which do you prefer and are there others I'm missing? I definitely want a speaker, easy text and email integration, heart rate monitor.

    10-22-2020 03:26 PM
  2. Feldhege's Avatar
    Only had my TWP3 for a couple weeks but so far I love it. Made sure to update it before doing anything with it. Then installed a few apps, faces, and changed a few settings. If you search around there are a few quirks but nothing that makes me want to return it. Little things like:

    1. Alarm in essential mode doesn't go off until watch is set back to smartwatch mode.
    2. If you put the smartwatch into essential mode (or it does so on it's own because of battery), you have to reboot it to go back to smartwatch mode. Not a huge deal because after the updates, it only takes a few seconds.
    3. Tilt to view the screen (with backlight) doesn't have a way to turn it off while sleeping.
    4. If you have a small wrist (I don't) it may be too big. I like the look of it and the plastic casing makes it super light.

    But the thing I love is I can use this as much as I want and it will still get me through a camping weekend without having to charge it. It is also very snappy and works pretty well. The above little things have all been reported before and Mobvoi says they will look into it. They should just be software changes and easy to do.

    If I wasn't going to get this, I was looking at the fossil too along with another Galaxy smartwatch. I had a Galaxy Wear S2 that I like until the battery would not make it through the day. But I decided the TWP3 using the latest processor and battery capacity was the way to go.

    Hope my random thoughts help.

    05-20-2021 01:20 PM
  3. IronNomad's Avatar
    I have the TicWatch S2 and I am very happy with it. I've even received compliments on the look of it. Got it due to the durability more than anything else.
    07-30-2021 08:15 PM
  4. Joshua Luther2's Avatar
    I am considering the Ticwatch E3 and Galaxy watch 4. They are about the same price. I can actually get the E3 for $140 on Newegg. That's $100 cheaper than the Galaxy watch 4. I'm currently using the Ticwatch Pro 2020. It's pretty slow and interacting with the UI is impossible. I bought it used about 7 months ago.

    I really like Wear OS so I'm leaning more towards the TW. I know that the GW4 uses WOS with One UI on top of it.
    10-26-2021 07:32 AM

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