1. eskanday's Avatar
    I bought the Toshiba Excite AT305 and overall I like it. I did a lot of research and it seems that it is now the best Tegra 3 Tablet on the market. It is better than the Asus and the Acer based on overall Build, stability and price
    I have couple questions:
    1- I noticed that clicking on the notification and the clock in the right corner is not responsive all the time. anybody has had this issue?
    2- regarding the lightbleed, I have some lightbleed especially on the sides. frankly I would not noticed it if I did not hear about it. According to Mobiletechreview, all Tegra3 Tablets have some lightbleed except the Acer 510. Anybody resolved this issue by exchanging the tablet?
    3- I noticed that the stock browser can freeze, even Chrome is not that great. From my experience, Opera has been the best
    4- anybody tried other tablets like Acer Tab TF300 or the Prime>
    05-21-2012 09:29 PM