1. staticK78's Avatar
    Hey all...I'm looking for some help with an issue I am having. I have contacted Toshiba directly & they were pathetic to say the least. I want to transfer apps from my internal storage to my SD card. I have a AT305-T16. My SD card mounts fine but none of my transferable apps are giving me an option to transfer to my SD card. I can transfer music/pics just fine. What am I doing wrong?!?! Please help...anyone
    11-13-2012 08:03 PM
  2. kairnage's Avatar
    Without root you won't be able to. Remember most tablets use the internal space as /sdcard so even the built in move to sd only goes to internal mot external.
    12-05-2012 06:35 PM
  3. James Cox2's Avatar
    Without root you won't be able to. Remember most tablets use the internal space as /sdcard so even the built in move to sd only goes to internal mot external.
    ok I can see the answer is right ... but its not that simple and a bigger explanation or suggestions on which apps are good free or non expensive. because I wont pay for a app that costs 20$ and then I go to use and its crap because there's no trial, or its not compatible. also I have the same issue because I have a16g hd and well most is taken up with book apps for D&D, games, and things and I would at least like to try and transfer to my sd card so I don't lose that information if I need to go back to factory (which I am needing to badly due to deleting thing's and since android doesn't delete or repartition (defrag) old files associated with the deleted program. I know if I get to under or close to having 2gigs left I slow down and or programs load slower or play slower.
    so with all that I would like to know a bit more about rooting, how to safely root or which apps would be best. but if there's any information as to why android tablets don't root or allow you to transfer or directly save to the SD card you insert, over say the phones which allow to do what we need and save to an external SD card. which mind you is why I bought a android tablet over a windows tablet and ipad (ipad mainly cause I don't like the price as well as I would have to buy a new one if I wanted to increase my storage space) .
    08-29-2013 06:28 PM
  4. James Cox2's Avatar
    is there any way you can elaborate further and maybe give app suggestions, I have a Toshiba excite myself and know nothing of rooting, un rooting or whatever its called.my issue is also I cant get a straight answer or help or find anything on the internet or phone helplines that can walk me through anything to allow me to actually save to my SD card slot {not what the tablet/os considers the /sdcard the designation}. I bought my Toshiba with the 64gig slot (use a 32gig SD/micro sd-sdhc-sdxc compatible) with intentions I could use my SD card slot like the phones do and save to either the SD card or my tablets main drive. I have searched high and low and only get told its a root problem. well I wanna know how to either un root, root, or find an app or know who to contact and ***** at for a stupid mistake. I am not that savvy with android and I do have a file manager app in the Toshiba .. but there's no actual tutorial that will show me every app hideout, what files are safe to move. and when I have moved a game folder to my SD card it doesn't work cause it wasn't installed to the directory or properly transferred there like the phone apps are.
    I bought an android OS tablet over the I Pad because I found it to be more cost affective to be allowed to increase my storage space if needed without having to fork out another $499 to $599 when I already spent $499 for a 16gig Wi-Fi, to upgrade to a 32gig I would have to spend another $599 or so which means I have a 16gig I wont get full money back for and the new amount. so its smarter to buy the android tablet with SD slot. then it came that I cant transfer or choose to have the apps installed to my main HD (shouldn't have designation of /sdcard IMO) ormy SD card slots fitted SD card.
    08-29-2013 08:30 PM

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