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    I'm hoping I can get away with two questions in one here, because they've both been bothering me for quite some time now, and i have no idea if they might be related. First off, wifi problem. Apps such as Skype, Pandora, etc. Work perfectly, no problems whatsoever. However play store, YouTube, Facebook, dolphin browser, I guess anything that involves browsing content on a sever maybe(?) Will constantly lose internet connection. "Web page cannot be displayed", "No internet connection" that sort of thing. However, I could have a Skype call going in the background with no problem when this happens, and my wifi symbol in the status bar remains blue. I have no proxy settings, and when it occurs its completely random, though I can expect it at least once within ten minutes of browsing.

    The second problem is with saving downloads to the external SD. Before you ask, I checked the lock, and this has persisted with multiple SD cards. Whenever I try to download something and save it to the external, it fails immediately. When using Astro file manager, I can't move anything to the SD card, it just says operation unsuccessful. On one occasion I attempted to delete files on my external, and the process was simply stuck at 0%. Even after force closing Astro the progress bar still showed in my notification bar at 0% and would not go away until after a reset.

    Any help in these matters would be very much appreciated.
    05-19-2013 12:24 AM

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