1. asarmiento2011's Avatar
    Sorry, I need advice. I excitedly got a Toshiba Thrive with the 8GB because I got a really good price. Now I am worried about how many Apps I can actually use on it! I know i can used SD cards for movies, music and such, but if I want alot of Apps, will an 8 gb be enough. I know it is actually more like 6 gb or less too...they don't really give you the full amount. I just didn't think about this!
    Does anybody have an idea about the actual amount of gb you actually get and how many, on average apps it would get? Any thoughts or advice would be helpful and appreciated...while I have time to send it back! Ack! Help, anyone.I have a bad feeling about this...
    12-09-2011 08:37 AM
  2. illwood's Avatar
    8GB isn't really that bad. Since you have the SD card, the big storage hogs (like music libraries, movies, and photos) can be moved to the SD card and deleted from the internal memory.

    Also, the apps aren't necessarily that big. The only time you get into big apps are games. Most of your Angry Birds (and other typical) games are around 20-30MB. The only real big ones I have seen are the racing games with the intense graphics that install at 200-300MB. Many of the other apps that you will install will be in the 1-10MB range. Also, if you install any console emulators, you can just run the emulator app on the tablet and have the game ROM on the SD card.
    12-09-2011 09:26 AM