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    a few days ago U.S Cellular announced they they will be releasing the GS2. At the moment I am on their mesmerize, but when the GS2 is released I would like to get that instead. I would like to keep all my apps, photo's, music etc...My problem, is that for every paid app I have( which all i have to do is sync the GS2 to the android market to re-download them) I have 6 free apps(which the android market doesn't keep track of). Besides rooting both phones, is there any way of transferring the data over, or save it to an exterior source to re-download with the other phone? I know that the GS2 had an empty micro SD card slot, could I use an app such as App-2-SD to put all my apps on that and transfer it over or would it not work, because they are not installed to that phone?

    P.S, I also have apps from the amazon app store also.
    02-23-2012 12:47 PM