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    Was not sure who to turn to any longer and then found this forum. Maybe someone smarter than those at the retail store and on-line support.....can help me here. It's been a frustrating 5 days. I use aol mail which never had an issue during the first month.

    I upgraded to my first smartphone in December. Yes, it's a US Cellular Galaxy S3...pebble blue. Until a few days ago, the phone was working and had a flawless performance record with me. 5 days ago however, I noticed something strange. All of a sudden I was receiving NO email notifications although the settings were correct. I would get the emails if I went to look, but no sound, no icon, no nothing. I even noticed that Facebook notifications were not coming through. Because I am no expert, I reached out to the store where I bought it and took it to the service desk. He tweaked a few things and said it should be ok now. I went home, got some emails, but NO notifications. I called Tech Support at USCell and spent 1.5 hours on the phone. They were stumped. Told me to go in and have a software reset done.

    Next day: Went in, had the software redo. They said all should be good. But, NO notifications again. I took it back and the guy was cool about it and got me a replacement phone ordered.... received it yesterday. Took it in last night, got it all set up and went home. Received a few notifications for email (Facebook seemed fixed) and then NO notifications for the next several emails. VERY disappointed.

    Flash forward to today: sometimes got a notification....more often not. When I DID get a notification, it was for an email that was received 4 hours earlier!!!!! I'm still getting notifications (sound/icon/email) for something that came in hours earlier. Checked and rechecked peak settings, notifications and everything else.

    Why is this happening? I'm not sure who to blame anymore. Nobody can seem to give an answer and nobody can fix this. Is it the phone? US Cellular? Aol? All 3? I've had the same aol email for 14 years and would hate to change, but will if that is the problem.

    Any thoughts please? I'll be happy to answer questions and try to provide information to help. I'm not enjoying my phone like I should....it's too frustrating for enjoyment. I know this phone is a nice one.....that first month was a fun ride. But now? I waste my time dwelling on it. Thanks in advance for advice!
    02-01-2013 07:53 PM
  2. Rockdog97's Avatar
    try setting up a gmail account and test to see if you get email notifications from gmail.

    If so, then it might be with AOL...

    I know several years ago Yahoo had similar issues, but I dont use either Yahoo or AOL so I cant help..
    05-06-2013 03:55 PM

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