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    I'm three breaths away from being annoyed here:

    I have a few accounts syncing on my S3, and thats fine. Only one of those accounts is set up to sync the calendar, the others are just email. That calendar account is my main work account and a google apps account, and my employees share their calendars with me (all within the same domain). On the desktop, I see the calendars of all my employees because, well, I need to know what they have going on. When mobile, I don't necessarily need that, and if I do, I can just check their calendars in the calendar app so that I can view them. No problems with any of that.

    My problem is this: I normally only have my own calendar checked - and that works for the agenda widget and for the Google Now cards that pop up for my appointments. Where I'm getting annoyed is when i try to create an appointment, or view my schedule, through S Voice, "she" brings up everybody's calendar, and that is just annoying because that could mean she's showing me 20 appointments. When I go to create a new one, she always says first, "here are your conflicts". Well, then I have to scroll through all that to make sure none of them are "my" appointments before I can even save the appointment.

    Where is S voice getting her information from? In the calendar I have ONLY my calendar checked, and this is the only calendar app that I find on my phone. Any way to alter what S Voice actually syncs with? Under accounts/google I don't have any options for which calendars to actually sync with - just my work google login, and I can either check or uncheck the calendars option. Thats all.

    08-09-2013 10:41 AM
  2. wrsanim8r's Avatar
    Well. I wish I was responding with a solution, but unfortunately I am experiencing the same problem that you are describing... except I am seeing other family member's calendars rather than employees. But the situation is identical. I have only my calendar selected, but S Voice shows me everyone's appointments for the day. The only work around I have found is to say "Show me wrsanim8r's[insert appropriate name here] calendar for today". I'd prefer it if S Voice understood the "MY" term when I say "Show me MY calendar for today".

    Hopefully this will bump the post and someone can offer a better solution.
    10-17-2013 09:44 PM

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