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    Ok guys I finally did it.........I let my old BB 8330 go. It was time for my upgrade and since RIM wouldn't give a firm date on the 9930 I went to the darkside lol. My wife has had the T-Bolt since the release date and I really liked all the capabilities it had. We were on vacation in Ormond Beach this past week and stopped in at Prowireless to get screen covers for my buddies Droid Pro and some how I wound up buying a phone????I feel like I got a great deal though......phone, case, screen protectors and the guy swapped the 16gb card for a 32gb for $250 plus tax. I had a huge issue with the virtual keypad for the first couple of days but now it doesn't even bother me. My question is are there any apps that I must get to help the performance of the phone/battery? I have been pleased with the battery life so far but is there an app that I could get to help? Also what is the deal with the cradle?? Do I need one? Tell me what kinds of things this phone can do cause I've been stuck in the stone age for the past two years. I do live in a 4G area. Thanks guys.
    07-08-2011 07:24 PM