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    Hey all, I have temporary use of a new Droid Charge, so here're initial thoughts after a day's use:

    Display: Definitely lives up to its reputation w/sharp and vivid colors, even at extreme viewing angles. Yes, the SAMOLED+ is a winner! 4.3" is a great size, makes browsing better.

    Responsiveness: Fast & smooth compared to unrooted OG Droid. Buttery scrolling.

    Connectivity: No problems repeatedly switching between 3G and WiFi, but no trace of 4G (inside or out on front or side porches), even though 4G LTE Network | Verizon Wireless claims I'm in an LTE area. Will try in a surrounding town to see if it comes in. Phone's correctly configured to rec'v either LTE or CDMA.

    Battery: Slow charging compared to OG Droid, possibly explained by its larger capacity and/or lower mAh of the old USB charger I'm using for now. Disconcerting "Drooooiiiidddd" audio notification upon charge completion, but I think other threads discussed disabling that. Battery life is okay, but I'd definitely carry a spare or extended battery when traveling.

    SD-Card: Came from Amazon Wireless w/faster Class 4 card. Nice.

    TouchWiz: Not my taste, but no real objections and I can see how it could give a newby a head start before they start playing w/apps. LauncherPro still the way to go.

    GPS: Very slow lockon indoors (verified w/GPS Test), fairly quick outside. Haven't used in a car yet.

    Sturdiness: It's a thin featherweight. The Gorilla Glass is doubtless durable, hope the rest of the phone is too. Recommend insurance as w/all high-end smartphones.

    Initial hiccups: SMS sending & youtube video didn't work immediately after the system update, but are both fine after a reboot. Twitter wasn't preinstalled, so that wasn't the problem.

    Android OS: 2.2.1 seems fine, hope there's a 2.3 upgrade forthcoming.

    VZ Navigator: Why is this app still present and featured? What user will prefer it to the free and excellent functioning Google Navigator?

    Summary: Quite a nice phone, IMHO the best choice currently available on Verizon for anyone intending to keep the phone for the duration of a 2yr contract who isn't also a hardcore gamer in need of dual-core and/or 1GB RAM. Lovely display! It'll be hard to give up the Charge to go back to my OG Droid!
    07-14-2011 10:00 PM
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    this is a really great writeup, thanks
    07-15-2011 07:21 AM
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    this is a really great writeup, thanks
    That's kind of you to say. I'm liking the phone a lot, just hoping to figure out the 4G soon.
    07-15-2011 02:16 PM