1. RMThompson's Avatar
    Hey guys, so I saw a lot of people on the Fascinate board jumping ship thanks to Verizon giving away the newer Charge if you've had ANY problems with the Fasincate, so I gave Verizon a call today and they are shipping my daughter and I each a Charge overnight.

    They offered me the Charge or the Incredible 2, and I chose the Charge... mostly because it's a 4G phone (and I am in Tampa, which has a lot of 4G coverage) and the screen/battery life seem to be better.

    For the record I don't root my phones, at least I never have yet, and run everything stock.

    Some questions I hope you can help me with:

    1. How do I make sure I have as much backed up as I can, to then upload to the new phone when I get it?
    2. Are there any steps I can do to make the transition easier on me, and especially my daughter.
    3. What differences, good or bad, should I expect from the phones?
    4. On the Fascinate I always ran the GPS off because it ate battery life on FROYO, what should I do on the Charge?

    Thanks in advance helpers!
    07-26-2011 10:00 PM
  2. heavyhitter82's Avatar
    To answer your questions. My opinion is....
    1/2)Use the backup assistant to make transfering your contacts super easy/ also just write down the apps you liked using on the fascinate and redownload them.
    3)I love the charge its just like the fascinate as far as ease of use. Only con is the size its pretty big but on the other hand I do enjoy the larger screen(especially with netflix and watching things)
    4) I cannot comment since I alway leave everything off until I need it. Its the same drop down controls so turning gps/bluetooth/data on/off is no inconvience to me. PS Battery life is very nice

    Hope this helps, ENJOY!!!
    07-26-2011 10:13 PM