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    I'm really frustrated. Went through 2 Thunderbolts (all sorts of issues, final straw was texts going to wrong people) and was then given a refurb Charge. I've had this one for a week, and the battery frequently gets to 118 F if I have the audacity to briefly do anything with it while it's charging, and of course the battery life is pretty bad. The stock alarm clock never snoozes, it just turns itself off - not helpful!. I'm now receiving some html email as plain text and I seem to only have a data network connection about 50% of the time (and I know it's not my location, my husband and I work in the same office with the phones side by side, his Droid X barely ever loses its connection). Spent an hour on the phone with tech support only to have to wipe the phone (had to do this probably 5 times with my Thunderbolts). Now they have to go to the "network guys" and check the provisioning for my phone number, which could take all weekend....

    I never had these kinds of problems with my Blackberry Tour. I know this is a whole lot more "smartphone" than my Tour ever was, but is it always going to be this much work just to get a phone that works right? Each time I have to do a factory reset I try to re-install only the apps I really need and do them far enough apart to make sure they aren't causing issues.. What else can I do to see if I'M the cause of all this?! I'm so close to taking a hammer to this thing..

    Oh and I haven't done any root stuff, etc - way too much of a noob for that.. Would really appreciate some advice! Thank you..
    08-12-2011 12:29 PM
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    Sounds like a bad phone. I just received mine this week as a replacement for my Fascinate and everything is great - even the battery! I'd insist on a new one.

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    08-12-2011 01:04 PM
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    Verizons certified like new program is probably an industry worst. I have never had to go through as many devices as I have with Verizons refurb phones. Last year I went through 6 Droid x's, 1 Droid 2, and 2 Fascinates until I took an upgrade. Your best bet is to keep sending them back until you get a good one or you threaten to leave and they actually care enough to do something for you. Had another carrier been almost as good as Verizon in my area I would have been long gone.
    08-12-2011 01:14 PM