1. ddemlong's Avatar
    OK guys, new to rooting and the whole overclocking scene. I am trying to find a good profile to the charge that is stable.

    I am wondering is someone can give me a profile setting to start with. I will be keeping it on conservative for battery life but I am wonder what the lowest is you have it set to and also if you adjusted the voltage settings.

    When I searched the web I can't really find anything on DC specific settings. Also some of the ones I did try seemed to make the phone crash or freeze while at idle so I don't think the min was set right.

    Please help, thx
    08-15-2011 08:15 PM
  2. 04redgto's Avatar
    Every phone is a little different. U need to do ur own work n play with it and see what's best for your phone. Some charge owners report setcpu won't run right on there phones. It works perfect on mine. Trial and error my man..... Now jump to it! ;-)
    08-15-2011 08:39 PM