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    I listen to Sirius at my desk and in my car, so pretty much all day. Throughout the day it will drop out and I find myself restarting the Sirius app to get data back. Ive noticed that most of the time if I try to do that with the Bluetooth on, the data doesnt come back. I turn off the Bluetooth and it comes back then I reactivate the BT headset and it works for awhile. In my car Ive also stopped using the Microsoft Sync because the audio and data stream from Sirius or Pandora seems to skip out and hose up sometimes. I feel like the BT data stream is interfering with data communication with the system. Is that possible? For this reason I changed to plugging directly into the ear phone jack and the jack in the car. I find that the data stream holds when I do that. So is anyone else seeing something similar or have any ideas why this is happening?

    Any ideas on how I can delete the BT device from the phone so I can try reinstalling it? Thanks
    08-17-2011 04:18 PM