1. Dnoravian's Avatar
    Is there a way to change the settings so that the camera doesnt automatically close if the battery is under 15%? this seems rather restrictive and unnecessary. 5% maybe but 15%?
    10-06-2011 05:07 PM
  2. JihadSquad's Avatar
    10-06-2011 05:50 PM
  3. Dnoravian's Avatar
    thanks. i think its time i take that step and root my phone.
    10-06-2011 08:12 PM
  4. W_A_Watson_II's Avatar
    Just be careful, even with this 15% protection, a weak battery causes problems with the camera/phone: Camera flash kills / shuts down and locks up Droid Charge
    10-06-2011 09:57 PM
  5. m_usman_ch's Avatar
    If you need to use camera on low battery here is the workaround, this not only lets you to use the camera but also have some decent algorithms for power management saving a lot of battery and capturing many more pictures because of its minimal interface and background. Perfect when your battery is low and you still want to take pictures.
    10-29-2011 10:17 AM
  6. Midnight_Ninja's Avatar
    I haven't tried this one, but one of the reviews says it works when you have a low battery warning.

    10-30-2011 09:25 AM
  7. Dnoravian's Avatar
    thanks, ill try these out
    10-30-2011 05:16 PM