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    Since I got this phone, I've been having problems getting it to sync my contacts with gmail and with the Verizon Backup Assistant.

    For Gmail, it seems to actually be updating the contacts (both from the .com to the phone and vice versa) but I always have a "sync error" noted under "Sync Contacts" for my main gmail address when I look at the account under "Accounts and Sync". (its a red exclaimation point next to "Sync Contacts" under the account info). Its not really a problem I guess, but the error message bugs me. The full message under "Accounts and Sync" is "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." This message has always been there.

    For the Verizon Backup Assistant, I can only seem to get it to sync if I do it from the website for backup assistant (and that only works sometimes). It does not work from the phone when i hit the "back up now" tab in the Verizon Backup Assistant. Also it never has backed up any of my google/gmail contacts. On the few occasions when it has worked, it only backs up those contacts that have the little orange headshot which denotes a verizon contact.

    I have spoken with Verizon support twice. They promise they will open a ticket/escalate the issue and call me back, but I never hear another word from them. After a failed attempt, the phone will continue to try to sync to Verizon Backup Assistant and send me repeated messages that it failed. Finally, I just have to shut the app down to stop the notifications.

    BTW, I really don't care about the Verizon Backup Assistant, except that it needs to be on and working in order for the "wipe" function to work through the Assurion program if the phone is lost or stolen.

    I have made sure that all my contacts have been 'joined' so it should work. Has anyone else had these problems with the Charge?

    11-16-2011 11:27 AM