1. jbomb11's Avatar
    my phone was running just fine I install the update and now I cant get my sd card to mount. it offers me the chance to format the card but that won't even work... any thoughts?

    yes I have already tried multiple s d cards.

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    12-01-2011 08:36 AM
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    I had the same problem. Couldn't get my phone to do the factory reboot after the update install. Finally followed one guys advice about clearing the cache manually through the reset screen. Update finally worked, but then my SD card says it was unmounted improperly. Couldn't mount SD card at all. Over 2000 songs and more files gone. So I rebooted the phone and constantly kept clicking the SD cars in and out and it somehow took me back to the factory reset option and clear cache thing. So I cleared the chache and clicked in the SD card for good, and it reset and everything was fine
    03-16-2012 04:21 AM
  3. Ronin187's Avatar
    Google Droid incredible won't reboot after update. Chache clearing is explained
    03-16-2012 04:22 AM