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    first of all I cannot get in to stock recovery. I did the vol up home and power button, yes i let go of power when the logo appears and it stays on the samsung screen forever. part of a larger prob though. I was on GC 2.0. Yesterday I tried to get back to stock to do the update. nothing flashed right but I recalled whenever I try to flash AB it always brings me to stock recovery, so I did that. returned to stock. finally around midnight I got the update notification. I said yes and my phone hung on the samsung screen for the next half hour. even pulling the battery wouldnt get it to boot up so I had to reflash GC just to get my phone on so I could set my alarms for this morning.
    Not sure where I went wrong. And I don't understand why I cant get in to stock recovery the way everyone suggests. I continued holding volup and home for 5 min each time. Doesnt seem to matter if I am stock or GC it just doesnt work. Thanks for your help everyone.
    12-04-2011 03:18 PM