1. theRalph's Avatar
    Even if Samsung & Verizon update the Charge to ICS, we all know how long that can/will take. From what I understand, the Nexus has the same LTE module as the Charge. I don't know how this all works, but I would love to know if there will be some developer roms for the Charge.

    I would get the Nexus, but I'd rather not spend $299 and use an upgrade. I love the Charge hardware and would love to just put CM9 on this.

    If we collected $ here and sent a dev a Charge, do you think they'd be willing to work on it?

    I'd be willing to give $30 toward a Charge for a dev, anybody else? We could probably get one on eBay for around $250.

    Just my thoughts, let me know if I am way off here.
    12-05-2011 08:15 PM
  2. dubge's Avatar
    I will sell you mine for 2-250 when i get my nexus :-)
    12-05-2011 08:37 PM
  3. theRalph's Avatar
    Just did a quick search, they are going for less than I thought. Any interest?
    12-05-2011 10:39 PM
  4. Terrigno's Avatar
    Actually. To get back in the Android Game, I obtained a used Charge on Ebay for $100 bucks shipped. Its in great condition and I only paid that amount for the Bold 9930 to come on Verizon. Now I just sold my Bold on ebay for $430 (gotta love ebay) and am holding it aside for the Nexus. Although Im not to sure if I want to drop a retail price on that phone because I just got on Verizon 2 months ago. Im sure somehow someway, a Dev can eventually get ICS on the Charge. This phone isnt really bad at all and Ive been through a bunch of Androids on AT&T. But Verizons LTE network hits the sweet spot.

    If we had a reputable dev, I would chip in probably. But I believe XDA has more Devs like that.
    12-06-2011 06:51 AM