1. Touchpaddle's Avatar
    I have just deactivated my Droid Charge after upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus.

    The Charge will now be used a Wi-Fi-only device with no phone service. I want to do a factory reset
    to return EVERYTHING to factory default.

    Will this cause the Droid Charge to return to Android 2.2(Froyo)? If so, how do I get it to update
    to 2.3(Gingerbread) again? Since it's no longer an active phone with Verizon, I imagine that it's
    not possible to receive 2.3 via OTA update.

    Thanks for any advice!
    12-20-2011 10:36 PM
  2. soulsurvives's Avatar
    If it's on 2.3 now that is what will stay on it.....factory data reset does not remove an operating system or root.....
    12-21-2011 04:58 AM
  3. dman2275's Avatar
    Let us know how you like the Nexus compared to the Charge.
    12-21-2011 09:27 AM
  4. Touchpaddle's Avatar
    Let us know how you like the Nexus compared to the Charge.
    I went ahead and did a factory reset. Only the personal data/apps/microSD got wiped.
    Gingerbread remains on the phone! Now it's as virgin as the day I bought it. (sort of)

    The Galaxy Nexus is nice. It's a pleasure to use ICS. If I didn't have two phones that
    are eligible for upgrades, I probably would have second thoughts about getting the
    Galaxy Nexus. It's pretty clear that other Verizon smartphones(excluding the Droid Charge)
    will get ICS in the next few months.

    Having said that, the 1280x720 screen is what sold me. It is the best screen I have ever
    seen. The fonts are so crisp and pictures/videos are detailed and colorful. (comparing
    directly with the Droid Charge or my nephew's new Samsung Galaxy SII)
    12-21-2011 11:36 AM