1. gregba's Avatar
    HAs anyone else had issues with HDMI mirroring since the gingerbread update? it no longer works for me.
    01-03-2012 03:53 PM
  2. Chocoburger's Avatar
    Hi, HDMI mirroring works on my Samsung TV at home. But on Christmas day I went to my Uncle's house and tried HDMI mirroring on their Insignia HDTV and it would not work this is with the Verizon OTA ROM. However many other people are reporting issues that it used to work but no longer does. Mine still worked after the Verizon OTA, but now I'm using Tweakstock v1 ROM. I tested it right now, here are my results:

    Using Tweakstock and HDMI on my Samsung 2005 model TV:
    Netflix works.
    Samsung Media Hub does not work (I would love for a ROM to bypass this if possible!).
    After the media hub I went to the Android Market to look for video apps, but when I had tilted my phone from landscape to portrait, the signal cut out and would not return. Odd, huh? What's worse is that my phone became unresponsive and the screen turned off and my phone proceeded to reboot itself on its own.

    Needless to say I shan't be testing out the media hub again.
    01-04-2012 11:08 AM
  3. expidia's Avatar
    I just tried out the micro to HDMI cable I bought a few months back to use Netflix though the Charge to a TV and it never worked prior to the GB update.
    Now I just tried it again after the Gingerbread update I did a month or two ago and it now works.

    But I think it will still have the same issues that it did before as it does not work with all TV model (some sony bravia models did not work from other posters) I have Samsung flat screens and it works with them. I'm sure it won't work with certain hotel TV brands.

    Also, some users have had issues with cheap cables. I think I got this one from Monoprice.com who make great cables for very reasonable prices.

    So you will need to first isolate your issue to make sure it's not the cable or the TV model because on my Droid Charge with the GB update it definitely works!
    01-08-2012 09:14 PM