1. greenrebellion's Avatar
    No matter how much I search and/or how much I google.....nothing works. My phone has been reminding me to update 5000 times a day now for a month or two even though I am running a custom ROM.

    Is there anyway to turn this off, I don't feel like messing around with unrooting or anything because I'm perfectly happy with how my phone is working. I just want to kill this constant notification.
    01-09-2012 12:25 PM
  2. Christo37's Avatar
    i do know that you can flash a custom rom and do not recive updates i dont get any what are you running and by the way it is very easy to flash things like humble 40,42,45 and humble 50 these are romms run one of these and you will not get any updates
    02-01-2012 01:21 AM
  3. piizzadude's Avatar
    I must agree with the previous poster, I have yet to see a notification that I have an upgrade available.

    Here is my guess though. I am guessing that you are on a froyo rom and now that GB is out, VZW is looking a the first few numbers in the version (custom rom or not) and realizing that you are behind.

    If this is the case, your choices amount to moving to a custom GB rom, going back to totally stock and OTA to GB or editing the build.prop to let VZW think you are a different phone/build.

    THe question really comes down to, what rom are you on?
    02-01-2012 02:51 AM