1. Clak's Avatar
    So I was going to use my Charge to play with now that I'm using my Galaxy Nexus as my actual phone. I did a factory reset on the Charge, and now it seems the market is gone. The icon is on the home screen but it's grayed out and has a picture of a SD card in front of it. I've never seen this before, thought I'd check with everyone here before trying another reset.
    01-19-2012 06:55 PM
  2. Eighty_3#AC's Avatar
    When you switched to the Nexus, you shouldn't of done a factory reset on your Charge. Market has to have a gmail account connected to it.
    01-20-2012 02:09 PM
  3. soulsurvives's Avatar
    Is the charge rooted and on a custom rom?....that happened to me once after I changed a theme on a rom I was using....I did a factory reset and it cleared it up if I remember right.....
    01-20-2012 05:23 PM
  4. Clak's Avatar
    Forgot about this thread until I started messing with my Charge again. I did the reset all over again and I'm still having the same problem. I've got a gmail account associated with the phone, I don't understand why there would be any problem. No custom rom or anything, everything is stock.
    02-17-2012 11:13 AM
  5. JesusG90's Avatar
    Had this problem as well... Just go to SETTINGS>DATE & TIME>uncheck AUTOMATIC and set the correct Date & time

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    11-07-2012 03:14 AM
  6. vwarnick's Avatar
    Having this issue as well. No greyed out Play Store Icon, no Play Store app installed at all. Silly, want to repurpose the charge, but need play store access. Any ideas.
    09-10-2013 06:28 PM
  7. tgbyhnujm's Avatar
    Nowhere in any of the 6 replies was a WiFi connection mentioned. I think you may have to connect via WiFi if your Charge phone has been deactivated. Did you connect to or activate a WiFi connection first?

    Furthermore I always thought that you could browse the internet and access Gmail via WiFi with a deactivated phone.

    02-16-2014 06:21 PM