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    If you're anything like me, you use your Droid Charge constantly as a portable music player. You may also want to be able to listen to music and switch to talking on the phone and back to music, quickly and easily. Perhaps you want to talk on the phone without having to hold it when your bluetooth headset isn't around, or the battery is dead.

    The problem unfortunately, is that for a very long time, the vast majority of phone accessories, were skewed specifically for iPhone and Blackberries. Android has always been like the wild west in terms of getting support for accessories. Until recently, there weren't any earbuds with microphones that were specifically designed to work for Android. Sure, some of them may work (many did not), but it was more coincidence than design.

    I was about to give up, I was sick of waiting. I had a pair of Logitech 'Ultimate Ears 500vi' sitting in my online shopping cart for awhile. The problem was this 500vi model was only designed specifically for iPhone and Blackberry, however a few reviewers of the product have said that their 500vi worked on their Android phone. But no one with a Droid Charge had tested it, so it would have been a gamble to buy it.

    Nonetheless, tired of waiting, one day I was ready to pull the trigger and buy it. That same day I had went back to the product page and found out that a new version had been released! One designed for ANDROID! Logitech Ultimate Ears 500vm. OK, enough introduction, let's get to it!

    Overall these UE 500vm are a pretty decent pair of earbuds. Though the info I'm sure you're most interested in, is if the mic works properly on the Droid Charge, and I am happy to report, that yes indeed it does! But there is something to note in advance. I am running a custom ROM called Tweakstock, I have never tested it on the Verizon/Samsung software, however I can't imagine it not working properly on that ROM. The mic also worked when I was running PBJT kernel as well (but now I'm back to stock kernel and it works on that too), I wanted to note that, just in case. My mom and friend said I sounded fine on the phone over the 500vm microphone.

    I am not a supreme audiophile, so the one thing I won't delve much into is the sound quality from the earbuds. This may sound odd, but I don't want to mislead anyone who may be an audiophile, if they buy it because I said they sound like this or sound like that, and they end up hating it, I don't want people upset. So I'll keep it simple, I like the way they sound, which is better than my other cheaper earbuds in the past. If you want a more detailed analysis on their audio quality, there a lot of customer reviews on Amazon to read up on.

    There are a few other things to note however that I feel like sharing. First is that the wires for this earbuds are flat, which produces less tangles and are generally more pleasant to use. If you have never used tangle-free or tangle-resistant earbuds, you are missing out! I can never go back to the standard wires, which would constantly tangle with me.

    Next, there is an on-wire control piece, but it's a bit lacking. On the 500vi model, there are 3 buttons and a volume slider. For the 500vm model, there is only one button and a volume slider. Why are there 2 less buttons? Ridiculous. Furthermore, the button is a bit laggy, maybe it's the Droid Charge's fault, maybe not. Whatever it is, when someone calls me, and I press the singular button on the wire to answer the call, there's about a 3 second delay before it picks the call up.

    Often times the button will not work at all while listening to the music, it won't play or pause like it's supposed to. But sometimes it does work. I believe it is more defendant on which music playback app you're using. I have Power Amp and Rocket Player installed, when I had a Power Amp widget on my home screen, pressing the button on my wire would have Power Amp start scanning my music library. It would also start playing a song from Power Amp while I was already in the process to listening to a song from Rocket Player. Yeah, it's a bit glitchy. Once I removed the widget, it all seemed to work fine again. Pressing the button also turns the screen back on every time.

    Now about comfort, I found these to be extremely comfortable earbuds. Last year I bought a pair of J4M earbuds with mic, and it worked on my Droid Charge (other than the button controls), however the 'barrel' behind the soft cushion ear pad was very uncomfortable. They had a semi-sharp edge, which was borderline painful. I like to listen to music while laying in bed, typically on my side, and the J4M were not enjoyable to use at all, but these UE 500vm worked very well, but sometimes needing a bit of an adjustment.

    As for the ear cushion pads, the J4M used very cheap, crappy quality rubber pads, I ended up taking off my ear cushions from my $20 pair of Sony earbuds and used them with the J4M instead. With the UE 500vm, their earpads are great and comfortable, and come with an extra pair of 'comply foam tips'. Which feel like those disposable foam earplugs to lower noise around you. They're nice, but initially come across as feeling a bit large, though they should mold to your ear shape quickly.

    One more thing about the ear cushions is that they seem to pop out kind of easily, I've had the ear cushion remain inside my ear when my wire got caught on an object and tugged on. This has never happened to me with any other pair of earbuds, from my cheap Sony ones to the J4M. Something to keep in mind I suppose.

    These earbuds also come with a 'smartphone adapter', which some smartphones may require to get optimal sound quality. The instructional manual specifically states that Samsung smartphones should use the smartphone adapter. Fortunately the manual is wrong, using the smartphone adapter with the Droid Charger will have a negative effect, audio becomes drowned out and the button on the wire will not respond anymore. Luckily we don't have to bother using the adapter.

    Well, looks like I've written too much as it is, so I'll wrap this up by saying, I paid $80 for the the Logitech Ultimate Ears 500vm, and so far I have not come across any other pair of earbuds with microphone designed for Android at the same price range. You may find something more expensive or something cheaper, but in the end, these work with my phone, no more guessing or gambling, and I like the way they sound. Despite a few quirks and flaws, I am enjoying my UE 500vm, and if you're looking for the same thing, you don't have to look any longer!
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    03-12-2012 10:59 PM
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    Altec Lansing Muzx. I picked these up a few months ago off of 'Ben's Outlet" for $20 shipped. Best in-ear buds I have used. I have tried Skull candy, Sony, JVC, . All pale in comparison. Fit is great & the sound is stellar. In-line mic & volume control work great, too.

    *edit* 1saleaday has the Muzx extra for 9.99 + 4.99 shipping right now & for the next 23 hours. Super Steal!!!!!!!!!
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    03-13-2012 12:28 AM
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    That's great, but since it never mentioned Android support, I didn't want to risk buying it. But since you can confirm it works on Droid Charge (Amazon reviews don't mention Android at all) I'll probably pick one up for my Dad's Droid X phone. I wouldn't dare spend $80 on earbuds for him, he constantly breaks his earbuds. They probably last him 1 month tops.
    03-13-2012 01:55 AM
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    That's great, but since it never mentioned Android support, I didn't want to risk buying it. But since you can confirm it works on Droid Charge (Amazon reviews don't mention Android at all) I'll probably pick one up for my Dad's Droid X phone. I wouldn't dare spend $80 on earbuds for him, he constantly breaks his earbuds. They probably last him 1 month tops.
    Yeah, I wouldn't sweat the fact it doesn't mention android. Heck, my iPhone earbuds fully function on my Charge. In-line mic & vol control. I don't think it really matters the platform. They either function or they don't.
    I might pic up a spare at that price.lol
    03-13-2012 02:07 AM
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    I bought 2 Sony earbuds, specifically designed for iPhone, hoping they may work on my Droid Charge or my Dad's Droid X, unfortunately the mic didn't work on either phone. I did some research on this subject and came across this Droid Charge thread over at XDA. A lot of people stating that many mics simply will not work on the Charge.

    Wired earbuds and mic combo - xda-developers

    They mentioned that a lot of cheapie earbuds costing anywhere from $2 to $25 would indeed work on the Droid Charge, but I wasn't interested in low-quality earbuds with tangling cords. I did want something over at the medium quality spectrum, and I found it with the 500vm.

    That said, I ended up buying the Muzx for my Dad's Droid X, so thanks for the heads up on the deal.
    03-13-2012 02:26 AM
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    Wow, I did not know that. I just tested out the earbuds again, just now. the mic works great. I tested some speech to text. At a soft spoken voice level, it registered 98% correct. The push to talk button on the mic control does not work though. I thought it did, but it has been so long since I used it, I guess I was wrong. But the mic DOES work.
    03-13-2012 08:35 AM
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    Well I got the earbuds in the mail today. The mic does NOT work on either my Droid Charge or my Dad's Droid X. I got two earbuds, and both mics on them don't work with either Android phone.

    There is a constant faint hiss in the background while listening to music or even when music is paused the hiss continues for 3 seconds after for some odd reason.
    The ear cushion pads are cheaper quality plastic and less comfortable than the UE 500vm.
    Audio sounds weaker.
    The 'barrel' of the buds are a bit too large, I like how the UE 500 are super tiny.
    But I will say that the Altec muzx extra look stylish, and even though the cables are rounded, they really do seem to be tangle-resistant.
    In the end, you get what you pay for. The UE 500vm may cost double the price, but they are worth it.
    03-20-2012 11:30 PM
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    Well I got the earbuds in the mail today. The mic does NOT work on either my Droid Charge or my Dad's Droid X. I got two earbuds, and both mics on them don't work with either Android phone.
    Weird. The pair I received a few days ago works. The volume control buttons don't work, but the mic itself works fine. The phone button in the middle actually pauses the music on my Charge. I haven't tried them out on my new Nexus yet, but I will be going to the gym today & will test it out.
    Sorry to hear they didn't work for you. I personally am loving them.
    03-28-2012 08:10 AM
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    The 500vm earbuds now come with $30 MP3 credit if you buy them from Amazon! Insanely awesome deal!

    Buy select Logitech accessories, Get up to $80 in MP3s
    05-18-2012 02:10 PM
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    I just got the bluetooth plantronics 50m. The range is a little shorter than my other bluetooth when I walk away from the phone. However, this one supports A2DP which means my music, podcasts, and movies all work over bluetooth with the ability to answer calls. The battery has lasted about four days. It can connect to two devices at once such as for people with a work phone. I did a review and have a link on my site if anyone cares. It was the cheapest A2DP I could find and free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member. It is around $29 with the price floating a little. I plan to do an updated video review now that I have used it for some time.
    It is important for me that I have only one ear blocked as I drive for a living. And I get in and out of my truck a lot sometimes walking for miles. Now I get my Android Central podcast everywhere while staying legal while driving all without interruption.
    Keep the reviews and suggestions coming as I would like to try some of these others out that you guys suggest.

    www.KDtech.co (building)
    05-23-2012 12:02 AM