1. mikedo's Avatar
    This problem seemed to start about the time that we received the system update or about a month ago. I started getting a message daily that there was a problem signing in to Google even though I seem to be getting my email and calendar updates. I have to sign in manually and type in the squiggly nonsense word each time. I usually cant make out the words and just spent 10 minutes trying as they seemed to get increasingly complex. This is made harder by the word complete setting which I have had to opt out of because of this. Again, I seem to be getting my emails and calendar updates and am not sure of what I am not getting by not being able to sign in. I've spent an irritatingly long time trying to figure out how to get any way of communicating this with GOOGLE and have not seen this problem on any of their FAQ pages I've been directed to and have not seen anything like this on this forum. I haven't knowingly changed any of my settings on my phone or with Google. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    04-27-2012 12:54 PM